EMS Webtech team have worked with distinguished concepts for website organisation and management. These includes better features to match the current trends in sites. Portal development has been much in demand because of various functions included.

Access to information have been facilitated with finest portal organisation and development. Web portal can be a path to access huge information. With web portals, one can expect many other services including messaging, news listing, variations of stock prices, organising and managing databases and also finer entertainment features for online audiences can be expected.

Multiple applications and databases can be brilliantly organised hence leading to less time flexible decisions by owners. Customer interactions online have improved third party tools, which can be integrated for a better marketability. Chat environment can be developed hence promoting to instantaneous results with discussions. Portals bring the enterprise look to the website with different facilities.

Portal development can be included for job categories, business to business solutions, business to consumers solutions, e-commerce with finest shopping cart arrangement, knowledge based portal and various others. There are various types of portals, which can be included for better conveniences online.

EMS Webtech team have developed following portal types:

  • Business to business solutions
  • Business to consumer solutions
  • Enterprise related sites
  • E-commerce
  • Shopping cart
  • Job based portal
  • Travel related sites
  • Entertainment sites
  • Intranet portals- Corporate sites
  • Knowledge based sites

Enterprise Related Portals

Enterprises related portals include applications and corporate databases. Desired information can be disclosed to the public. Company services can be made available throughout the world with better features arranged online.

Community Based Portals

There are also community based portals, which can be considered when there are regular interactions with the users.

Online Marketplace Portals

Finally, the portal which can be included for online market. This is where the buyers and sellers participate in business related tasks. It may be inter-business transactions even.

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